The terms of admission, determined by the Management Team and in accordance with the norms of the Complutense University of Madrid, are:
·To have passed the Evaluation for University Admittance (Evaluación para el Acceso a la Universidad [EvAU]).
·To be admitted in a university degree program (undergraduate or postgraduate).

Los trámites que deben llevarse a cabo son los siguientes:
· Complete the admission form with the required information.
· Complete the interview with a member of the Residence Hall’s Management Team.
· Once accepted, pay the reservation fee with the Secretary of the Residence Hall.

Application period

· The appointment for the interview may be requested until May 31 for the first round of admissions or until July 25 for the second round.
· To arrange the interview with the Management Team, contact the Secretary by phone (+34 915339408/09) or email (

Financial conditions

· The fee for an individual room for 9 months is €985 /month (10% tax included).
· The Residence Hall has three double rooms that can be requested if that type of accommodation is desired. The fee for a double room is €945/month (10% tax included).
· The fee will be paid in advance each trimester by automatic bank transfer.

Reservation fee:

A payment of €2070 made by direct bank transfer is required in order to reserve a place at the Residence Hall. This payment includes:
· €100 security deposit for damages caused in the Residence Hall.
· €1970 advance payment of two months, which will be applied to the last trimester.

In order to confirm your placement at the Residence Hall, the fully-completed direct deposit form, together with the proof of payment for the reservation fee and the signed Rules and Regulations of Communal Living form must be submitted.

The reservation fee will be returned if the candidate is not admitted to complete her studies in Madrid, as long as the return of the fee is requested one day after the official publication of the admission of students to the Complutense University of Madrid and provided that it can be justified with an accrediting document that the university studies will not be carried out in Madrid.

Once the academic year begins, the reservation fee will not be returned if the student leaves the Residence Hall for any reason.