From the outset, different formative and cultural activities, sports, and leisure activities are put into practice. We would like to help every one of the students in developing their capacities of thinking and reasoning – to stimulate the interest of everything that happens and to open their minds to all possible realities.

Cultural activities

Students are encouraged to take the initiative in different proposals so that they make their formation personal and so that they are able to cooperate for the good of the Roncalli community.

> Political discussions
> Literary discussions
> History and Art seminars
> Debate seminars
> Public Speaking seminars
> Entrepreneurship seminars
> Debate Tournaments
> Theater
> Movie Forums
> Collegiate Coffees
> Ecology and the Environment
> Trips to the mountains and hiking
> Painting, photography, and short story competitions
> Musical activities and recitals
> Visits to expositions, unique businesses and sites
> Volunteer work


The Residence Hall is equipped with a multipurpose court. Sports, federated or not, are offered and promoted here. We offer teams for:

> Basketball
> Soccer
> Tennis
> Volleyball

We participate in both internal competitions and in leagues with other Residence Halls.

Furthermore, we have a gym equipped with personal training machines, where other supplementary activities can be practiced, such as: personal defense, Pilates, calisthenics, Zumba, ballroom dancing, etc. according to the interests of the Residents.

Activities of College Life

An important part of college life is the coexistence between residents of diverse origins, from both inside and outside of Spain. Throughout the Academic Year, bonding activities are organized with the goal displaying the gifts of the students involved in the Residence Hall.

> Personal interviews
> Bonding days with other residence halls
> Welcome committee for new residents
> Activities and support for different grade levels
> Tutoring
> Collegiate council
> Collegiate chapters
> Debates
> Chestnut festival
> Painting courses, Christmas cards, Christmas carols and hall decorating

Religious activities

The Roncalli Residence Hall, which is of the Catholic faith, organizes Christian study groups with the aim of deepening in the faith, as well as Confirmation groups and volunteer activities. The Holy Mass is celebrated on Sundays in the chapel.

Religious activities are always offered, never imposed, respecting the freedom of each of the residents.