Our Story

The Juan XXIII Roncalli University Residence Hall was founded in 1969, promoted by the lay organization “Sección de Universitarias de Congregaciones Marianas ACI”. In 2009, the Residence Hall became a part of the “Fundación Pía Autónoma de las Congregaciones Marianas, la Inmaculada y San José.”

The Roncalli Residence Hall is affiliated with the Complutense University of Madrid and has a Spanish, Latin American and Filipino heritage. The Roncalli has been home to students from 56 countries, spread over 5 continents. This diversity of cultures, races and religions has left a very positive mark on the life of the Residence Hall. Hundreds of “Antiguas Alumnas” stay in touch with us. The “Antiguas Alumnas” Association is kept alive from countries such as Chile, Columbia, France and Japan.

Daughters of our first residents have come to the Roncalli or are here now, living out their university life. We are sure that this is our greatest treasure.

The Residence Hall is a university center for students, an educational center of the university area of Madrid, and a cultural and debate center for the city’s society.

Management Team

All university institutions have as their purpose that for which they were created: to respond to the desire to know and to learn. Being in the university can be the most fascinating time of a person’s life. To learn for the pleasure of learning is that which makes a University great, and for the person, to always be a student.

The Management Team is here, close to the students, in order to respond to their needs and interests. In this context, we endeavor to integrate knowledge into the life of the student, ready to answer their requests and their desire to learn. The director’s mission is to facilitate learning and to encourage the reflection, creativity, and good judgment of the students.

The possibility of forming the university student and the rest of the university community in academic disciplines, like opening new horizons of knowledge, is a privilege and a challenge for those of us who manage the Roncalli Residence Hall.

The Collegiate Council

The Collegiate Council is the superior organization of participation by the students in the achievement of the aims of the Residence Hall.

It is composed of students chosen by the collegiate community by secret ballot. From its members, it chooses a Dean, an Associate Dean and a Council Secretary.

The Collegiate Council is inspired by the principle of loyal collaboration with the other bodies of the Residence Hall, knowing that the union of wills is an essential requirement for organized communal living and effective formation.